Advice Columnist for Practical Spirituality?

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Here’s a new idea I had: I’ve got hundreds of articles that I’ve written and published that might be useful to people, but I can’t figure out the logistics of organizing them to make them available. 

As I was updating my page at it came to me. So I posted the following there:

If you need a little inspiration or some new ideas about how to interpret and experience life, you can choose from the variety of articles I’ve posted here at and at my website, 

If you find you still need a little something extra, feel free to e-mail me! Describe your challenge and I’ll search through my articles for different ways that you can entertain the possibilities!

I’ve got hundreds of already published spiritual advice articles that combine the messages and metaphors of the world we live in with widsom of spiritual laws that I’d be happy to share with you.

I will post the aticles that apply to my blog and perhaps help others at the same time who are going through the same thing. Life’s lessons tend to happen in phases along certain themes that resonate with those on the same wavelength, so you can be sure that you are never alone.

I’m thrilled to be able to share the spiritual adventure of life with you!

What I like about this is that I’m not actually giving personal advice. That seems way too know-it-all to me, and it turns out that I don’t actually know it all. Instead, I’m offering information that I’ve already written about whatever the subject may be, and I’m just sharing it in the hopes of being helpful.

So if you’d like to help me take this idea for a spin, please e-mail me at and I’ll post the articles that apply here.

I look forward to hearing from you!

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