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The first question I received to help me share from my library of already published articles (scroll down to see explanatory article or click here) was about the above issues. I did a search on the word "esteem" and these 4 articles came up.  I hope they are helpful!

Conscious of Self

If you find yourself feeling self-conscious today, you are most likely judging yourself too critically. But you can use any feelings of inadequacy to point the way toward improvements you can make to feel better about yourself.  For example, if your clothes aren’t fitting the way you’d like, you can make a choice right now to change your habits. Then be conscious of the choice you’ve made for your self and make that your new definition of self-consciousness.  If you don’t think what’s bothering you can be changed, then accept it as one of the small quirks that give each of us character. Embrace what makes you feel different from others today and immerse yourself in the splendor of your own uniqueness. 


We can turn self-consciousness into self-esteem when we remember not to compare ourselves with others, but instead to appreciate our own wonderful qualities. Write down what it is you admire about others. Then look at the list again and remember that the traits we admire in others are really the recognition of the beauty of our own reflection. Like attracts like, it is universal law. We can always cultivate ourselves, like flowers in a garden, but it is care and nurturing that will make us bloom, not criticism. The most beautiful gardens are those with wondrous variety, so there’s no need to try to be just like anyone else. Be kind to yourself today, and remember the truth of your true magnificence.

Acknowledging Validation (edited down for relevance)

If we constantly seek the approval of others, we will always be disappointed because people want so many different things. But when we make our inner guidance our north star, we follow it because it is ours to follow. From that place, we do our work knowing that is our contribution to the world, based on our given talents and abilities and our inspiration from the universe. Then we can enjoy accolades as a bonus as we walk our path today. 

When we have been given the gift of respect and validation, it can make us remember to share our thoughts of esteem with others. There are days when we may struggle, questioning if we are following the right path. When others appear to validate our choices, we may feel like an angel has spoken to us. We can be that angel for someone else when we sincerely express praise for the work of others.  When we encourage others to walk their paths, we create an atmosphere of support for ourselves as well. When we are given the gifts of acknowledgement, we can choose to circulate the wealth of good feelings by sharing it with others.

Persuasive Confidence (edited down for relevance)

Though you may not intend to be, you may find that others consider you compelling. Confidence can be so elusive in a world of competition and comparison. But we can look beyond all of that when our confidence is based on our connection to self. When we are anchored in the truth of our being, there is little that can sway us. Today we choose to observe the affect we have on others, and give the credit to our inner source.

Comparison will only cause us false confidence which will eventually falter. Our most constant source of confidence is our connection to the universe. When we come from that unchanging center within, we know that we have unique gifts to bring the world in our own unique way. Then our journey becomes finding our best opportunities to let our light shine, and that is when we are the most persuasive. When we come from our highest selves, we are compelling for all the right reasons, and we show others the truth. When we let our confidence shine today, we show others that being ourselves fully and freely is the way to lasting self-esteem.

Worthy And Valuable (edited down for relevance)

Confidence comes from believing that you are valuable and worthy of achieving what you desire. That same belief attracts good to you, helping you to reach the heights you seek. It all begins with the belief in yourself, your abilities and your uniqueness. As you find that this is reflected and confirmed by the world around you, it feeds your confidence, making it easier and easier for you to reach your goals. We all create our experience from our beliefs, so when you believe the best about yourself today, you create your best life.

This is the law of attraction at work. We create what we believe and draw it to us at the same time. Whether we believe positive or negative things about ourselves, we will attract the situations that prove that we are right. We don’t do this by comparing ourselves with others, but by appreciating ourselves for all that we are, and by becoming all that we can be. Our goal is to be our best self and to share the gifts that are uniquely ours with the world. By taking the time to go within and listen to our inner guidance, we get to know our heart’s desires and know what direction is ours to take. When we know the power of our thoughts and beliefs, we can begin to make sure we use them carefully, wisely, and positively. Today you know you are worthy and walk confidently in the direction of your dreams.

Let me know if you found these helpful, and if you’d like to read more on another topic!

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