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I’ve just taken a course in EcoPsychology!  This particular course was called Psychological Elements of Global Citizenship. 


I was trying to describe the combination of Ecology and Psychology to a friend at the beginning of the course. He said it sounded like it would be really interesting, if he understood any of what I had said. I told him maybe I’d be better at describing it by the end of the term, so let’s see.


I described the course in my final paper this way:


… a valuable tool in re-adjusting our worldview to one that is eco-centric. Most of us are well aware of the environmental, social and economic challenges of our day, but many of us do not see the ways in which they are connected. By using our own personal experiences, this course helps re-orient our thinking to see the connections between ourselves, all living things and nature itself. It offers a model for our society based on natural systems that have been successfully sustainable for eons. The term “natural resources” takes on a whole new meaning when we begin to understand how much nature can teach us about surviving and thriving on personal, professional, social and global levels.


Did that make any sense to you? 


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