My Valentine Cleverness

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I’m feeling terribly clever at the moment, and just had to share!  I figured my blog is the perfect place for such shameless self-promotion and self-congratulation. 

As you probably already know, I write about the mind-body-spirit connection and our place in culture.  At the moment, and for some time now, that writing has been in the form of ghostwriting for websites in the U.S.—more specifically, blogging.  My current clients include a holistic addiction recovery facility, a hospital heart clinic, a wedding venue and a costume company specializing in comic and anime conventions.  I feel clever because I’ve been able to have my own little Valentine’s celebration while writing for each of these clients.

I find it the most satisfying when I can incorporate what I’m thinking about anyway into my posts.  So here’s what I did today and earlier this week:

For the heart health clinic -  I wrote about
  -foods OF love—those that are considered aphrodisiacs, and what their actual health benefits may be.  And
  -food AS love – the concept behind the use of food as a form of affection– especially with children.  This is not always good, since those who feel unloved for whatever reason may end up becoming overweight. I suggested different ways of expressing you care while also supporting the health of those you love.

For the holistic addiction recovery facility – I wrote about love and addiction — how addiction affects relationships, and that the main relationship that needs to be nurtured is the one with oneself in order to recover.

For the wedding venue – I suggested songs from movie soundtracks as processionals.  Fun!  They included: “Seasons of Love” from the musical RENT (and I found a GREAT cover too!), “A Whole New World” from Disney’s Aladdin,  Mark Knopfler’s “Storybook Love” from The Princess Bride, “I’m a Believer” by Smashmouth from Shrek,  and from Four Weddings and Funeral, “Love is All Around” by Wet, Wet, Wet.

And for the costume company, I talked about the love interests of superheroes (who are sometimes superheroes or villains themselves and therefore wear costumes).  Fun!

Because I’m a ghostwriter, I can’t direct you to the actual articles I wrote, but I’ve included links to a few sources (and music videos ) above for those who want to play along at home.

Now that I’m done with work, I can go celebrate with my hubby! 

Happy Valentine’s Day, my friends!

Image combines "Angel Heart" by Exper Chaotic Flow Abstract Design with an angelic image from Mistey21 on Flickr .

Written by Malayna Dawn for her blog, Symbolic Themes.

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