Using My Voice to Share My Worldview – Written

I shifted my creative focus to the written word after moving to Sri Lanka in 2000.  The magical and exotic land of my ancestors inspired me to begin my first novel, Echoes Across Time.


I also took the opportunity to work at Young Asia Television, writing and producing scripts for a magazine-format show about women’s issues in the developing world.

My first freelance writing was published by Adoh! Magazine in Sri Lanka, which helped me get hired to write for the Daily, and then other magazines and websites followed.You can get a sampling from my website at

I’ve since worked as a blogger-for-hire for the organization Garments Without Guilt in Sri Lanka and for a U.S.-based web services company, writing on just about everything you could imagine. 

You can read some of my Garments Without Guilt posts on my Yahoo Shine page.  The rest are corporate secrets, but the general info I can share: Topics included mind-body-spirit approaches to health, subcultures, internet culture, inspiration for recovery from substance abuse, natural health, orchids, funeral customs, collaborative divorce, restaurant trends, and sensory research, among others.

1FINAL-swtLogo-9-25-11 copyWith a friend and partner, I began writing for a travel blog called Women on World Excursions. It inspired me to travel more and share the journey.

Then we created the website Spiral Whirled The ideal way for me to share my mulfi-faceted worldview through the written word, as well as the spoken word, at times.  Like in this radio interview with Sophie on L.A. Talk Radio:


So there you have it… for now!



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