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PastaliveIn an effort to be clear about how I invest my energy, I've been looking at how keeping the past alive might be draining the energy I have available to live my fullest life today.

I'm a fan of the past, so that means choosing to hold on to the parts that support my current life, (Get it?  CURRENT?  As in energy flow, and present-time awareness!) and my help me move into my brightest, lightest, shiniest future.  (Light can be both energetic glowing and free-floaty weightlessness.)

This applies to financial investments, space for storage, and energy in keeping friendships alive, too.

So this blog may not look like it once did, or as pretty as I might want it to be, but I've chosen not to pay the monthly fee to keep old projects looking like new. I've chosen a FREE account, because it makes me feel free!  (Because FREE is both without financial cost and without restriction of movement.)

I invite you to join me in being free-flowing and light!  And may my past bring joy to your present. (PRESENT is both NOW and a gift!)



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