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Symbols of Spirituality: Play Dough! (or just Clay)

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Plato-playdoh We’re life-sculptors squishing and shaping the raw energy to make our lives into works of art.

The material is there, we only have to do our part to shape it into a form we like.


<— Check it out! Plato out of Play-Doh!

Symbols of Spirituality: Pool Game

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Th_pool%20break-pfLife is like a pool game. We can choose whether we want to have a positive experience or a more challenging one.

But remember, every choice bumps against other energies and sets other events into motion.

Everything we do has a result (also known as a consequence—the next thing in a sequence.)


Here’s a fun game…

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At least I think it's fun.  If you go to and do a search for "Malayna", you'll get this:


(You can click on the image to see it more clearly…)

Although I have nothing to do with the boots, I am happy that my book comes first, and that I'm part of the DailyOM book!

Of course they thanked me with my long, complicated name rather than my short and simple name, but it's still me.

AND the very first article in the book is MINE!  Yay! There are several more of my articles throughout, and maybe one day I'll tell you which pages. Until then, you'll have to guess.