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GOOD flying creatures — like me & my pilot hubby :)

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LG_flyer_explorer Because of my recent flights to and across the U.S., I decided to look into carbon offsets.  I wrote an article about them for one of the Garments Without Guilt blogs. Here’s the link to the story and here are some highlights:

For those who need more help in reducing their footprint, companies like can help. They help to calculate your current carbon footprint and then help you offset it by investing in renewable energy, energy efficiency, reforestation or a combination of the three. They even offer ways to offset the carbon created by shipping. In a global economy where our products are made in one country and shipped to another, it’s an important consideration.

and Be Green are other similar sites that offer a variety of offsets for individuals and businesses.  Be Green Now offers packages for frequent fliers that you can put on your luggage to let others know you’re flying carbon neutral.

Pilot-thumb-264x193Guess what my airline pilot hubby is getting for his birthday? “Look honey! You’re carbon neutral!” (I’ll get him something fun too, don’t worry.)

Speaking of my flyboy, according to a Flight Global magazine blog , airline pilots rank as the sexiest job. Score one for me! I landed me one of them! Of course, I guess I should consider that the source may be biased.

So though I’ll certainly get myself one of those frequent flier carbon offsets so I can  fly guilt free (Wheeee!), another Flight Global article said it might be greener to fly sub-orbital. I’ll wait for that one, but I’m really waiting for someone to invent that Star Trek technology so I can just say “beam me up!” or over, or some other prepositional phrase. Will they need pilots for that? Maybe I should stick with sub-orbital so my hubby can continue to have a job and he’ll get to fly in space! And I will be kept in the manner to which I have become accustomed. 😉