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Spiritual Metaphors 4 Life ~ Hero’s Journey

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Life is like a heroic journey. You are the hero of your own life story. There are always challenges and monsters, but there are helpers and guides too. After we cross into the unknown, we find that we have more inside us then we realized. Then we return home from our spiritual adventure to find that we have changed and we bring something new to old circumstances. Herosjourney 

The heroic life is living the individual adventure.
~ Joseph Campbell

Spiritual Metaphors 4 Life ~ Power Strip

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PowerstripLife is like a power strip. (Different from a power trip…)

We only have so many spaces to plug stuff in, so we might as well make sure it’s the stuff we like. If we start plugging in stuff that we don’t like—whether that means complaining or doing something that goes against who we really are—we don’t have space left for the good stuff. We might even overload and blow a circuit. We choose what to plug in to our power strip. Choose wisely!

Spiritual Metaphors 4 Life ~ Mirror

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Mirror Life is like a mirror. Because we attract what we are thinking about into our lives, we can look at the people and the circumstances around us to see what we’ve been thinking.

We might point a finger at someone to blame them, but there are still 3 fingers pointing back at us.

When we change our thinking, we change our circumstances, and the mirror of life will reflect it back to us.

(What song is stuck in your head right now? "Man in the Mirror"? "Reflection"?)

Spiritual Metaphors 4 Life ~ Comedy

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ComedyjesterLife is like a comedy. Don’t take anything too seriously or too personally, learn to laugh. Lighten up!

Light is energy and energy is life, therefore enlightenment must be when we’ve lightened up. Think about it. Life is pretty funny.


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Spiritual Metaphors 4 Life ~ Musical Instruments

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Life is like a musical instrument. All the potential is in the instrument to make incredible music, but for us to play the music, we have to practice. We have to make sure our thoughts instruct our actions and become habit so that our inspiration can come through. Instruments

Spiritual Metaphors 4 Life ~ Magnet


Life is like a magnet.Magnet2  We all attract and repel all the time. We attract the things that are most like us and our thoughts, and we repel things that aren’t like us. Once we know what we love and what isn’t important to us, we attract more of what we love to us—from all sides.



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Spiritual Metaphors 4 Life ~ Gadgets

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 Gadgets Life is like choosing the latest gadget. Look for the real value—a brand name isn’t as important as knowing that the product delivers on its promises. Knowing what’s really important to us, we can always attract the people and circumstances into our lives that really enrich our experience.

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Spiritual Metaphors 4 Life ~ TV

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Tv Life is like TV. We can change the channel, but it’ll take a lot more energy to change what shows are made. For that we’d have to co-create by working with producers, directors, film, actors, etc. We are co-creators. We don’t have total control, we just work with the energy already set into motion in the universe (or the industry!)

Spiritual Metaphors 4 Life ~ Catalogue Ordering

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Life is like placing an order. Our experiences today are the result of orders we placed before, they’re only just arriving. If we want new experiences, we have to place new orders, and then wait for them to arrive. We place our orders with our focus and attention on what we want, not on what we don’t want. That’s just the same as ordering the same junk over and over again.