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Using My Voice to Share My Worldview – Written

I shifted my creative focus to the written word after moving to Sri Lanka in 2000.  The magical and exotic land of my ancestors inspired me to begin my first novel, Echoes Across Time.


I also took the opportunity to work at Young Asia Television, writing and producing scripts for a magazine-format show about women’s issues in the developing world.

My first freelance writing was published by Adoh! Magazine in Sri Lanka, which helped me get hired to write for the Daily, and then other magazines and websites followed.You can get a sampling from my website at

I’ve since worked as a blogger-for-hire for the organization Garments Without Guilt in Sri Lanka and for a U.S.-based web services company, writing on just about everything you could imagine. 

You can read some of my Garments Without Guilt posts on my Yahoo Shine page.  The rest are corporate secrets, but the general info I can share: Topics included mind-body-spirit approaches to health, subcultures, internet culture, inspiration for recovery from substance abuse, natural health, orchids, funeral customs, collaborative divorce, restaurant trends, and sensory research, among others.

1FINAL-swtLogo-9-25-11 copyWith a friend and partner, I began writing for a travel blog called Women on World Excursions. It inspired me to travel more and share the journey.

Then we created the website Spiral Whirled The ideal way for me to share my mulfi-faceted worldview through the written word, as well as the spoken word, at times.  Like in this radio interview with Sophie on L.A. Talk Radio:


So there you have it… for now!



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Using My Voice To Share My Worldview – Spoken

For the past five years, I’ve been the voice of Colombo Fashion Week — mostly anonymous and unseen, I get to tell people about the designers and the sponsors and help them feel good about it. 


I had the opportunity to be a guest on L.A. Talk Radio’s MYLF Talk — Make Your Life Fabulous — with Sophie.  Here’s an excerpt (or two) with images:


I’ve also been interviewed on a few other radio shows — you can hear me on Karma Air and on SLBC by going to my website’s Novel page at and clicking on the links under Press Coverage.

If you’re looking for a non-traditional wedding, I also perform wedding ceremonies. I’ve done enough of them now that I have a standard “script” that I use, and then I tailor it to fit each couple.  Here’s my wedding celebrant site:

I did have some training in public speaking — while interning at L.A. radio station KROQ-FM, Raymond Banister (AKA Raymondo) gave a production class, and I even voiced an ad or two, as well as occasionally speaking on air. 















Of course, I also had drama classes and performed in musicals from 4th grade onward, and public speaking was part of what I did as an officer for the Youth of Unity from the age of 13 – 18.  

Who knows what I’ll get to talk about next!




Using My Voice To Share My Worldview – Singing

Here are a few examples of my sung expressions:

1982 – At the age of 12, I was one of about 8 kids to sing in the studio with Frank Sinatra. We’re not shown on this video, but this is the song and that’s us singing!  Pretty much the height of my singing career.


Some other cool things we ( meaning The Carol Lombard Singers, our professional children’s group) got to do included live performances for celebrity charity organizations, recording vocal tracks for television commercials (Vivitar Cameras, Knott’s Berry Farm), recording for albums (Strawberry Shortcake, Sea World), singing the for TV specials (On camera: Young & the Restless – Christmas Miracle episode, Off-camera: The John Schneider Christmas Special) and even did a film on camera*. We also got to record with Marvin Hamlisch.

In High School, I sang with the Vannaires, a vocal jazz ensemble, that’s kinda like GLEE. Here’s one of our more fun moments, taking over a yogurt shop:


I had a few moments in my early 20’s when I sang on camera for TV and film.  *The film was a romantic comedy called The Butcher’s Wife, starring Demi Moore. We sang the diametrically opposed “Pigfoot & a Bottle of Beer” and “Ave Maria” in Latin (which I later sang for a friend’s wedding in a huge Catholic cathedral in Virginia!).

The TV show was “Who’s the Boss” — here’s a clip:


Creatively, the height of my singing career was the co-creation of the a cappella group Pandora’s Vox, which later became Primitive Soul.  Here’s a sampling of of our signature tune, “Urban Tribe”, paired  with visuals of the fictional planet Pandora from the film Avatar.(However, this pairing was done by me — it was not actually in the film.)


Sadly, Primitive Soul broke up over creative differences in 1999.

In 2000 I moved to Sri Lanka, and since then, only sing for friends’ weddings or other events, or when I’m in L.A., at my little church.

Who knows when the singing bug may bite again? 





The Luminara Philosophy

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The LUMINARA philosophy is to live a luminous life by focusing your self-image on your inner light, while also lightening up about everything else! Opening your life to let the light in.  One’s aura is both a person’s unique glow and the essence of who they are.  While Hollywood glamour gives us the vision of a brightly shining star, we believe that everyone can shine just as brightly in their own corner of the sky. 

LUMINARA is about lighting up your spirit, mind, body and environment, just by being fully the best of who you already are.  Let’s break it down:

Spirit – Our spirits are the lights that shine through our eyes, and glow from our skin—our auras—because we are spiritual beings having the adventure of being human.

Mind – When we think enlightened thoughts about ourselves and the world around us, we use our most powerful tool to create our experience and make it something bright and shiny.  We also can make the choice to lighten up and have a sense of humor about the stuff that needs a bit of polishing.

Body – Our experience of life is shaped by our bodies – our five senses, our brains, our anatomy, and our life cycles. Our body is the vehicle that allows us to really enjoy life on the planet to the fullest allowing us to swim and dance and climb and feel the wind and the sun, among other things.

Environment – We are part of the environment in which we live.  That means both the natural environment and our cultural environment. 

Naturally, when we align ourselves as much as possible with nature, our bodies are in harmony, and we live in sustainable harmony with the planet.  Eating light takes on a whole new meaning if we add the word “sun” in there.  It points us toward natural foods that have been touched by the sunlight.  Eating light helps us to feel light! 

Culturally, we let our light shine when we share our talents with those around us.  We get out and play and dance and share our art, contributing to society each in our own way, making the world a better place!

Come joins us as we explore the light and give you a chance to shine out the message: LOVE MY AURA!

Written by Malayna Dawn for her LUMINARA blog.  Also check out her Symbolic Themes blog for deeper meaning in everyday things!

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This is a great, cool thing!

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Click here and money goes to save the world's oceans! Yay!  You can create your own badge to post on your Facebook or MySpace pages, or your blog or profile by clicking the pink tab at the bottom of the graphic or by going to  They have a wide variety of causes and companies (with cool logos and graphics) to choose from.  Help your favorite charity or cause by choosing a company to sponsor you!

Catch Up Newsletter for 2006

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I realized I hadn't sent a newsletter since April or so, and in the spirit of embracing new technology, I am trying it this way! 

In June my dad & Sydelle arrived to attend my cousin Nazra's wedding.


(I love it when ghostly balls join us in the photos!)

Then in July, Kshemendra & I flew to


for the sole purpose of taking a sailing course in Marina Del Rey.



Then when we got back to

Sri Lanka

, we used our skills to crew the newly refurbished sailboat! (Kshemendra lovingly refurbished his late father's boats over the last year.) He wanted to use this photo of his boat as our desktop photo, but I thought it should represent us both somehow, and had some photoshop fun with it.


I had about 6 weeks upon my return to

Sri Lanka

to get my newly printed books to the distributor and organize a book launch and any publicity I could. Those pictures are on my website at and the tale of the roll-out & press coverage is at my new writing blog at Do check them out!

Once that was done, we had a few days to go on a trip with friends to the cool hill country, with its tea plantations, misty mountains and waterfalls. Aaaahhhh….




And then I flew back to the


for a friend's wedding in




Where I was honored to perform the ceremony …

along with enjoying the only sunny Seattle weekend of the year!

and my high school reunion…



That's Kris Fong, Quynh Nguyen, Jonathon Murray and Wendy Wong there with me.

Let me know if you want to see more photos and I'll send you a link.

Then in October, Kshemendra came for a visit and squeezed a lot into his two weeks, including Cirque du Soleil!


Cirque This is what my flyboy would look like if he were a Cirque du Soleil performer. See the wings?


And after he left, I squeezed in a few more fun things: like seeing "Wicked!"




…going to the Getty Villa to enjoy some ancient works of art (or porn as the case may be…see the buns of stone?)


and generally enjoying



Now that I'm back in

Sri Lanka

, I'm busier than ever, adding another client to my freelance roster, trying to figure out how to promote my book and when to squeeze in time to work on the ones piling up in my head.

I hope your 2008 will be more than great, and keep in touch!



He wanted to use this photo of his boat as our desktop photo, but I thought it should represent us both somehow, and had some photoshop fun with it.<span style="COLOR: black; FONT-FAMILY: 'Tre

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