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Spiritual Metaphors 4 Life ~ Gadgets

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 Gadgets Life is like choosing the latest gadget. Look for the real value—a brand name isn’t as important as knowing that the product delivers on its promises. Knowing what’s really important to us, we can always attract the people and circumstances into our lives that really enrich our experience.

Read my DailyOM article, Technology as Distraction–Choosing True Connections for more.

Written by Malayna Dawn for SymbolicThemes.com


Spiritual Metaphors 4 Life ~ TV

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Tv Life is like TV. We can change the channel, but it’ll take a lot more energy to change what shows are made. For that we’d have to co-create by working with producers, directors, film, actors, etc. We are co-creators. We don’t have total control, we just work with the energy already set into motion in the universe (or the industry!)

Spiritual Metaphors 4 Life ~ Well-Oiled Machine

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Welloiledmachine Life is like a well-oiled machine. An attitude of gratitude is the oil that keeps things running smoothly. If we fill our lives with the dirt and grime of complaints, blaming others, making excuses, cursing our fate or other negative things, we muck up the ability for parts to move and they eventually come to a grinding halt and have to be overhauled. Gratitude keeps us moving, flowing freely and moving where we want to go.

Symbols of Spirituality : Costumes

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Sumo_Suits We are energy, or spirit, experiencing life in a physical body (what James Ray calls “a meat suit”) in the physical world.

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In Medieval times, European Royal Courts hosted masquerade balls in which people attended in mask and costume as part of elaborate allegorical pageants, allowing them to connect to religious or cultural traditions through the ritual. Think of Mardi Gras – costumes and revelry to celebrate Fat Tuesday, before serious stuff like Ash Wednesday and Lent kick in.