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Thoughts on Themes of AVATAR

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I was fortunate enough to see the film AVATAR with an insightful chick from India, who explained to me at intermission (we have those in Sri Lankan movie theaters) that the word “avatar” still has spiritual meaning to people in India, and therefore when they’re referring to the movie, they might differentiate it by pronouncing it with an American accent!  


The definition for them is “The incarnation of a Hindu deity, especially Vishnu, in human or animal form.” She pointed out that Vishnu’s avatar is Krishna and both are blue.  And also that the Na’vi had tails, much like the monkey god, Hanuman. 


She also mentioned that the word “Na’vi” sounds like the Hindi word for “new” and she wondered how the Na’vi language was developed, so I found an explanation for her on Wikipedia.


The name PANDORA

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I Wanna Be A Muse

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When I grow up, I wanna be a muse.

If you’ve seen the movie Xanadu like I did numerous times as a kid, (or the Broadway Musical), then you know that a muse is one of 9 sister goddesses from Greek mythology, whose job it is to inspire humans.

The movie totally inspired me–-of course, I was 10, so all I took from it were the concepts of divine intervention, inspiration, possibility, magic, music and that love conquers all. Good stuff. I never did pick up the whole roller skating thing though, but I did sport leg warmers for a while for no particular reason.

Anyway, back to the Greek muses. Each of them had a different talent, or area of expertise. There’s a good breakdown on the Wiki page. Of course, the Greeks weren’t the only ones with muses. India has the apsaras and Norse mythology has the Volva. So there.

So here’s what I’ve decided I like as a mission statement: to inspire and a-muse, helping people to get more in touch with their own intuitive guidance.

So let us muse together, about music, museums and general amusement for personal enhancement!


Pic credit: http://www.musical-world.de/DVD/DVD-Rocky/DVD-Xanadu/Xanadu.jpg