New Promo for the New Year!

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The Daily Mantra has included ECHOES ACROSS TIME in their list of books that "inspired The Daily Mantra’s writers over the past year".  It’s their big finish!  See?

And finally, with full disclosure that this is by one of our own…..

Echoes Across Time by Daily Mantra contributor Malayna Dawn
For reincarnation buffs, dreamy Pisces and loyal Daily Mantra readers, a "spiritual adventure" and "feminist fairytale" that’s right up our alley and is likely to resonate deeply with readers attuned to past-lives, dreaming or cross-cultural experience.

I love that my book is shown next to EAT, PRAY, LOVE, which is one of my favorites of the year and has served as an inspiration in so many ways. Read the full article at:

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