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My sister-in-law, Prashanthi, (pictured on the bottom right of the Brady Bunch-like photo below) sent this to me in the mail when she came across it about six months after the fact.

Since the book launch was on August 30th, and I left for L.A. Sept 3rd, I expected all the press to come out immediately, but I guess that’s my L.A. side expecting the rest of the world to act the same. These photos were published in The (Colombo) Daily News almost a month after the launch, but I guess that’s good, since it gives the event a longer shelf life!

Scroll down for the best part–what the caption says. It’s fun! I’ve put my favorite parts in bold type.


So between the photo of myself and Azhara, my friend from Grey Worldwide, it says:

"Echoes Across Time by Malayna Dawn was launch [sic] at cocktails at Zanzibar amidst a small and intimate crowd of friends and press. Born to a Sri Lankan father and an American mother the writer who probably has a lot of exoticism within her owing to her mixed parenthood, takes the reader through a spiritual adventure through a mystical series of events from America to India to Sri Lanka. As mystical as Malayna can be!"

After myself & Azhara, the rest of the Brady Bunch are (from top to bottom and then L to R):

  • DINELI – Sri Lankan born, but raised in the U.S. and Canada, and now married to our friend Nigel and living here…
  • SHEHLA – my cousin Malik’s groovy wife…
  • ANNIKA – A fellow half-Sri Lankan with a blonde mom, she did a wonderful reading from my book. She’s married to Ajai, pictured at the top right.
  • RAVI – He’s married to Prashanthi, Kshemendra’s sister, who is pictured at the bottom right.
  • AJAI – The kind and giving soul who organized the book launch! He’s from New Delhi, which makes him him a fellow-foreigner.
  • A Journalist who I spoke to, but now so many months later cannot recall her name. Sorry!
  • PRASHANTHI – Also known as "Nangi", which means "little sister".

That’s the waaaayyy we became The Brady Bunch!  (Da Da, ba-da ba ba BA-BAH!)

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