I’m 2 degrees from Buzz Aldrin!

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You’ll be fascinated to see how I made this about me, when it’s really about my friend Bob!

Here’s what he sent me:

For those who don’t know, this past month I’ve been shooting promos for Science Channel’s Space Week (think Shark Week – but about space), playing a German scientist character named Dr. Otto. The character is kind of an ambassador for Space Week and I’ll be all over Discovery Channel, Science Channel and sciencechannel.com between now and July 12.

Today I shot some “throw to’s” (“We’ll be right back…”, “You’re watching Space Week on the Science Channel…” etc) with none other than Buzz Aldrin! Second man to walk on the moon, American hero – Buzz friggin Aldrin!! It was amazing and fun. He is 78 now and has so many cool stories!!

Below are a couple of terrible photos taken with a cell phone, I’ll have better ones later. To see the promos – watch Science Channel, Discovery Channel or Discovery HD. They’ve been playing pretty regularly. ‘Space Week’ will air on the Science Channel July 6-12 (that’s when you’ll see the “throw to’s” with Buzz Aldrin, plus others I did solo).

Also go to the link below to see Dr. Otto’s bio and video. http://science.discovery.com/tv/space-week/dr-otto/dr-otto.html

It’s been fun doing this stuff and the highlight was meeting Buzz! Enjoy,—B

Bob-Otto1 Bob-Otto-Buzz2Bob-Otto-Buzz3 Bob & Buzz 6/24/08 Bob & Buzz 6/24/08

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