The Luminara Philosophy

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The LUMINARA philosophy is to live a luminous life by focusing your self-image on your inner light, while also lightening up about everything else! Opening your life to let the light in.  One’s aura is both a person’s unique glow and the essence of who they are.  While Hollywood glamour gives us the vision of a brightly shining star, we believe that everyone can shine just as brightly in their own corner of the sky. 

LUMINARA is about lighting up your spirit, mind, body and environment, just by being fully the best of who you already are.  Let’s break it down:

Spirit – Our spirits are the lights that shine through our eyes, and glow from our skin—our auras—because we are spiritual beings having the adventure of being human.

Mind – When we think enlightened thoughts about ourselves and the world around us, we use our most powerful tool to create our experience and make it something bright and shiny.  We also can make the choice to lighten up and have a sense of humor about the stuff that needs a bit of polishing.

Body – Our experience of life is shaped by our bodies – our five senses, our brains, our anatomy, and our life cycles. Our body is the vehicle that allows us to really enjoy life on the planet to the fullest allowing us to swim and dance and climb and feel the wind and the sun, among other things.

Environment – We are part of the environment in which we live.  That means both the natural environment and our cultural environment. 

Naturally, when we align ourselves as much as possible with nature, our bodies are in harmony, and we live in sustainable harmony with the planet.  Eating light takes on a whole new meaning if we add the word “sun” in there.  It points us toward natural foods that have been touched by the sunlight.  Eating light helps us to feel light! 

Culturally, we let our light shine when we share our talents with those around us.  We get out and play and dance and share our art, contributing to society each in our own way, making the world a better place!

Come joins us as we explore the light and give you a chance to shine out the message: LOVE MY AURA!

Written by Malayna Dawn for her LUMINARA blog.  Also check out her Symbolic Themes blog for deeper meaning in everyday things!

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