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Spiritual Metaphors 4 Life ~ Mission

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Life is like a mission. When we have big dreams of what we’d like our lives to be, we are receiving our mission from headquarters. It is meant for us, or we wouldn’t have even had the idea. We are worthy. We deserve it. It is meant for us. And once we get it, we’ll receive a new mission.   Missionpossible

Spiritual Metaphors 4 Life ~ Gadgets

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 Gadgets Life is like choosing the latest gadget. Look for the real value—a brand name isn’t as important as knowing that the product delivers on its promises. Knowing what’s really important to us, we can always attract the people and circumstances into our lives that really enrich our experience.

Read my DailyOM article, Technology as Distraction–Choosing True Connections for more.

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Spiritual Metaphors 4 Life ~ TV

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Tv Life is like TV. We can change the channel, but it’ll take a lot more energy to change what shows are made. For that we’d have to co-create by working with producers, directors, film, actors, etc. We are co-creators. We don’t have total control, we just work with the energy already set into motion in the universe (or the industry!)

Spiritual Metaphors 4 Life ~ Well-Oiled Machine

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Welloiledmachine Life is like a well-oiled machine. An attitude of gratitude is the oil that keeps things running smoothly. If we fill our lives with the dirt and grime of complaints, blaming others, making excuses, cursing our fate or other negative things, we muck up the ability for parts to move and they eventually come to a grinding halt and have to be overhauled. Gratitude keeps us moving, flowing freely and moving where we want to go.

Symbols of Spirituality: Electricity

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ElectricalsocketLife is like an electrical charge. Energy itself is neutral. It will work whether we plug it into a TV or a tablesaw.

We make it feel good or bad with our choices, but we can always make new choices that feel better.

It's like our thoughts, or our prayers. If we focus our energy and attention on what we don't like or want instead of what we do like and want in our lives, we are giving those things our energy.

We are the socket and we give our energy to whatever we allow to be plugged in to us. Does that make sense?

Even if we pray for something bad NOT to happen, we are investing more thought into the negative than the positive. Keep your energy and attention focused on the positive!


Symbols of Spirituality: Clothes

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Change clothesLife is like changing clothes. You have the power to change your life by changing your thoughts.

It doesn’t mean the outside world or other people change, it is our approach and our point of view that changes, and that makes all the difference.

Actually, there's a lot more to clothes. "Clothes make the man," they say and popular shows like "What Not to Wear" show the power between how we feel about ourselves, and how we show ourselves to the world. 

Check out for even more info about fell-good, guilt-free clothing that is organic, ethically made, and sustainable!

Symbols of Spirituality: Bean Bag

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You’re just hanging out in your body for a limited time. You are perfect just the way you are. You are exactly where you are meant to be. Enjoy the experience.


Oh that icon of pop culture, the bean bag. I chose it because no uptight person would ever choose to sit in one. It's a symbol of hanging out & relaxing.

And I thought the image of a body suit on a hanger was a little disturbing.

Symbols of Spirituality: Bicycle (or anything that can be ridden or driven)

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 Zippo_BicycleLife is like riding around town. Because there are no wrong choices, there is nothing wrong with any of us. We are just taking different turns, experiencing different roads and different scenery.

We can always choose to turn another direction. And we can always choose to enjoy the ride.

  I chose a bicycle because of the sense of ease I had from childhood memories. Also because these were originally written for a 14-year-old boy. Bicycles offer the ability to really get a sense of the things you're passing, but it can work for a car, horse, whatever. See?

Symbols of Spirituality: Play Dough! (or just Clay)

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Plato-playdoh We’re life-sculptors squishing and shaping the raw energy to make our lives into works of art.

The material is there, we only have to do our part to shape it into a form we like.


<— Check it out! Plato out of Play-Doh!

Symbols of Spirituality: Movie Shoot

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Movie slateLife is like making a movie. When you make a mistake, it’s a miss-take, and you just take it again.

Re-shoot the scene. Take 2!

If you've ever noticed that life seems to keep bringing you the same situations in different disguises, it's because the Universe is giving you another chance to try again. Try a different approach this time!