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Symbols of Spirituality: Video Games!

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What? Video Games? Why not?  Everything in the outer world was created from the inner world, and everything we see outside reflects our inside back to us. It's all in how we choose to look at it.

Videogame We’re on a journey, a spiritual adventure, and there is no wrong choice.

Like in a video game, we can either make it to the next level of challenges, or we can stay on the same level. It’s up to us what we want to experience.


<— Going old school with Donkey Kong!

Colombo Fashion Week, Triumphant!

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After the Tamil Tigers tried to crash our party with their very rude air raid, it wasn’t just the Sri Lankans who were resilient—Bangladeshis, Indians and Pakistanis all bonded with Sri Lankans and representatives from a variety of nations in the hope for PEACE.

Just like the irritation of an oyster becomes a pearl, the interruption of Colombo Fashion Week ’09 only made everyone feel more strongly and celebrate more emphatically.

Bibi Russell, whose show was meant to be the finale on the previous night, started the show with her collection called “Design for Life”. What a celebration!  With bright colors and dancing models all exuding life and the pure joy of being—including a few in red with hand woven red AIDS awareness ribbons. 


Of course, all of her designs are handwoven and handmade, using natural materials sourced in her home country of Bangladesh, where her goal of Fashion for Development continues to inspire me, years after I learned about her while working for Young Asia Television.  P2220015And this year, I got to work closely with her and see how much she truly embodies her ideals. When she had a chance to speak after her show, she spoke only of positive concepts and working together for the good of all.

The next collection to continue the previous night’s interrupted show was “Spiritual” by Shobhaa De.  Beautiful music shifted the mood to a magically meditative one, with a voice over which I suspect was Shobhaa De herself, reading from one of her novels. Lotus flowers, candles, all complementing the simple and elegant clothing also made from natural materials. She took the stage afterwards and also spoke of resilience and strength, peace and hope.

The rest of the night continued the celebration at such a pitch, a second intermission had to be added. The music was rockin’ and kept the tempo moving, (well done Aviva Bidapa!), the designs impressed and the crowd, at full capacity from two nights worth of audiences coming together, reveled in it all.    

If terror was what the air raid was meant to evoke, they failed miserably. They seem to have ended up inspiring and bringing people together instead. Which is why Colombo Fashion Week 2009 ended TRIUMPHANTLY!

Symbols of Spirituality: Pool Game

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Th_pool%20break-pfLife is like a pool game. We can choose whether we want to have a positive experience or a more challenging one.

But remember, every choice bumps against other energies and sets other events into motion.

Everything we do has a result (also known as a consequence—the next thing in a sequence.)


I Wanna Be A Muse

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When I grow up, I wanna be a muse.

If you’ve seen the movie Xanadu like I did numerous times as a kid, (or the Broadway Musical), then you know that a muse is one of 9 sister goddesses from Greek mythology, whose job it is to inspire humans.

The movie totally inspired me–-of course, I was 10, so all I took from it were the concepts of divine intervention, inspiration, possibility, magic, music and that love conquers all. Good stuff. I never did pick up the whole roller skating thing though, but I did sport leg warmers for a while for no particular reason.

Anyway, back to the Greek muses. Each of them had a different talent, or area of expertise. There’s a good breakdown on the Wiki page. Of course, the Greeks weren’t the only ones with muses. India has the apsaras and Norse mythology has the Volva. So there.

So here’s what I’ve decided I like as a mission statement: to inspire and a-muse, helping people to get more in touch with their own intuitive guidance.

So let us muse together, about music, museums and general amusement for personal enhancement!


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My review of Mamma Mia! The Movie

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Okay, I know it's not terribly timely, but I was moved enough to share, and I know there are people who haven't yet seen it.  So here you go:

This version has spoilers. To read the one without spoilers (or just for fun!) go to my posting on the Internet Movie Database:


1. Those ABBA people are great songwriters.

2. Mamma Mia's storyline is compelling, good-feeling and tugs on the right heart-strings…enough to overcome the difficulty of believing that Meryl Streep's character is musical, and the unfortunate general lack of chemistry between cast members. Or maybe it's because I saw it alone on DVD instead of in a theater full of people. It's possible.

3. If you love someone enough, the way I love Pierce Brosnan, it doesn't matter if their singing makes you cringe…it'll pass. And …
potential spoiler…Pierce Brosnan looks pretty damn good in a disco jumpsuit it turns out. (Oh how I love that man….)

4. Hope and love are ageless–I figure the "older crowd" in this film should be around 40, (since Sophie is 20 and Donna wasn't allowed to return home when she got pregnant–usually something a teen would say). But Meryl is 59 and Pierce is 55, and darn it, people of all ages deserve another chance at love!

5. If you love someone enough, (SPOILER) when they play a character who isn't "batting for your team", you don't believe it…even when they act/dance it convincingly. (I love me some Colin Firth too).

6. If you love a song enough, you'll keep watching even if it's not being performed by your favorite performers…and in this case–the movie's end credits–it's TOTALLY worth it.

The moral of the review: A good storyline and well-written, much-beloved songs can overcome almost anything!