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Symbols of Spirituality: Movie Shoot

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Movie slateLife is like making a movie. When you make a mistake, it’s a miss-take, and you just take it again.

Re-shoot the scene. Take 2!

If you've ever noticed that life seems to keep bringing you the same situations in different disguises, it's because the Universe is giving you another chance to try again. Try a different approach this time!

Symbols of Spirituality: Video Games!

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What? Video Games? Why not?  Everything in the outer world was created from the inner world, and everything we see outside reflects our inside back to us. It's all in how we choose to look at it.

Videogame We’re on a journey, a spiritual adventure, and there is no wrong choice.

Like in a video game, we can either make it to the next level of challenges, or we can stay on the same level. It’s up to us what we want to experience.


<— Going old school with Donkey Kong!

Symbols of Spirituality : Costumes

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Sumo_Suits We are energy, or spirit, experiencing life in a physical body (what James Ray calls “a meat suit”) in the physical world.

(<—-Sumo costumes)

In Medieval times, European Royal Courts hosted masquerade balls in which people attended in mask and costume as part of elaborate allegorical pageants, allowing them to connect to religious or cultural traditions through the ritual. Think of Mardi Gras – costumes and revelry to celebrate Fat Tuesday, before serious stuff like Ash Wednesday and Lent kick in.

Symbols of Spirituality: Pool Game

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Th_pool%20break-pfLife is like a pool game. We can choose whether we want to have a positive experience or a more challenging one.

But remember, every choice bumps against other energies and sets other events into motion.

Everything we do has a result (also known as a consequence—the next thing in a sequence.)