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Using My Voice To Share My Worldview – Singing

Here are a few examples of my sung expressions:

1982 – At the age of 12, I was one of about 8 kids to sing in the studio with Frank Sinatra. We’re not shown on this video, but this is the song and that’s us singing!  Pretty much the height of my singing career.


Some other cool things we ( meaning The Carol Lombard Singers, our professional children’s group) got to do included live performances for celebrity charity organizations, recording vocal tracks for television commercials (Vivitar Cameras, Knott’s Berry Farm), recording for albums (Strawberry Shortcake, Sea World), singing the for TV specials (On camera: Young & the Restless – Christmas Miracle episode, Off-camera: The John Schneider Christmas Special) and even did a film on camera*. We also got to record with Marvin Hamlisch.

In High School, I sang with the Vannaires, a vocal jazz ensemble, that’s kinda like GLEE. Here’s one of our more fun moments, taking over a yogurt shop:


I had a few moments in my early 20’s when I sang on camera for TV and film.  *The film was a romantic comedy called The Butcher’s Wife, starring Demi Moore. We sang the diametrically opposed “Pigfoot & a Bottle of Beer” and “Ave Maria” in Latin (which I later sang for a friend’s wedding in a huge Catholic cathedral in Virginia!).

The TV show was “Who’s the Boss” — here’s a clip:


Creatively, the height of my singing career was the co-creation of the a cappella group Pandora’s Vox, which later became Primitive Soul.  Here’s a sampling of of our signature tune, “Urban Tribe”, paired  with visuals of the fictional planet Pandora from the film Avatar.(However, this pairing was done by me — it was not actually in the film.)


Sadly, Primitive Soul broke up over creative differences in 1999.

In 2000 I moved to Sri Lanka, and since then, only sing for friends’ weddings or other events, or when I’m in L.A., at my little church.

Who knows when the singing bug may bite again?